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First off, thank you so much for stopping by and checking out my online home. A little about me, I’m a creative entrepreneur living in the DC area. I’ve dedicated the last 8 years to empowering and providing a platform for other creatives to share their work and influence. I LOVE to see people win and fall in love with their purpose. In 2011, while working in human services, I started an online magazine, SOULife. This is where I discovered my go-getter attitude and connected with my creative self. I would work, come home, and put on my entrepreneur hat. During that time I interviewed over 60 artists from my hometown, Rochester NY. We put on the dopest parties and became a voice for the underground creative culture.


after 3 publications, this costly quarterly online magazine pivoted to cut cost and increase online traffic. We moved too soon. SOULife became a blog style magazine and eventually lost it’s authenticity. I shut down and focused on other talents, like baking! Yep, on Valentine’s Day 2012 I joined the rest of them and profited off of love 🙂 I launched what soon became, Sweet Zenora. To my surprise I could really bake and to this day, people still ask for my cookies and cupcakes. The baking business taught me how to hustle.


I worked for a manufacturing company as a Technical Writer (TW). I had no clue what a TW was but I knew that it was my way out of baking and the group homes. I was never 100% passionate about baking; it was a means to an end. The group homes, while I loved the individuals I served, I needed more money. So this new job is where I developed a very marketable and sought-after skill. Now because I’m a creative being, I found myself bored  and need something to do something creative to balance desk job. So naturally, I created. I purchased 3 domains and taught myself how to build websites using WordPress. Oh and I was also back in school at this time, studying marketing, public relations and entrepreneurship.  I knew I had a deep interest in business, so I buried myself in books, webinars, articles and anything that would help me learn more about business and entrepreneurship.


After 2 years I left the manufacturing company and worked at communications company as a Technical Writer. In search of like minds and uniting women, I started a business called Her Dopeness (HD) in 2015. HD is designed for women like me who needed community, help activating their purpose and a platform where she can grow. While working and running the HD site, I naturally and very organically managed to start a branding business in 2016, where I worked with women owned businesses, helping them to create bomb brands! Here is where I found a piece of my purpose.


I’m blessed! I’m living in the DC area, which had been a long term goal for me since my early twenties. I’m currently working in Cybersecurity during the day, networking when I can and designing websites at night. Life is a journey and I’m here for it, all of it. I love God, family, good strong coffee, deep red wines, amazing branding, and random fun moments!