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A vanilla bean and fig infused bandy


  • 3 fresh vanilla beans
  • 1 (750mL) bottle 100 proof brandy
  • 1 cup fresh or dried mission figs, halved


  1. Split the vanilla beans to expose the seeds but don’t scrape them. Place the split vanilla beans into your glass jar. Add in the figs then pour in the brandy and shake well. Let the infusion sit for 1 week in a dark place on your countertop or pantry. Shake it once a day. After a week, taste it to see how the flavor is developing. If you think it needs more time let it sit for up to 1 more week.
  2. Double strain the brandy through a strainer and cheesecloth into a clean glass bottle. Serve over ice, chilled, or use in a cocktail

I enjoy this chilled and served in a snifter.

Keywords: Vanilla Bean and Fig Infused Brandy