Red Velvet Affogato Ice Cream Sandwiches

You ever have a dessert that’s so good you can’t stop thinking about it? I know I’m not the only one. So a couple years ago I visited SUCCOTASH restaurant at the National Harbor in Maryland and they have a dessert called Red Velvet Affogato. I tried it and it was the best $6 I had ever spent.

There are 2 parts to traditional affogato dessert; ice cream and hot coffee or espresso. It’s traditionally made with a vanilla gelato and hot espresso. It is argued the word affogato means, drowned but many native Italians use the term to describe something that is incredibly tasty that takes your breath a way. Wow!

Red velvet affogato ice cream sandwich

Making a traditional affogato is super easy. You just pour your hot coffee over your ice cream and enjoy the warm to cold creamy coffee treat that you didn’t even know you needed. You must love coffee of course.  You can top it with any dessert you like. If you’re not into red velvet things try butter pecan cookies. So good!

So for this recipe I wanted to turn my affogato obsession into an ice cream sandwich that played with the flavors and texture of a traditional affogato. When I was at SUCCOTASH, it was served with a red velvet waffle, but I decided to substitute the waffle for fluffy/cakey cookies and combine the flavors of the coffee and vanilla ice cream. Yep, coffee ice cream!

Unlike a traditional affogato served in a mug, these ice cream sandwiches take more time to prepare. So if you’re serving this for an after dinner dessert this Friday, you definitely will want to make the ice cream on Thursday, at least. 

Okay, here we go!

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