DIY Spice Jar Organization


Fall is approaching and for me, it’s always been a season of newness and transition. September is when I feel myself bossing up and making good on my Q4 commitments pushing myself to stay focused and get it done. This year I have experienced a lot of growth in my business and creative endeavors. It’s been amazing to see my dream unfold and I’m blessed to be on this growth journey of self discovery and creativity. One of the things I enjoy doing in the fall is updating my spices and making small yet significant updates in the kitchen. My DIY Spice Jar Organization is always at the top of my list. 

This year I found these clear spice jars from Target which are the perfect size for me. The labels are from Quart + Pint and I love them because they are water and oil resistant and very modern. The spice tray is another Target find and it’s perfect because it expands and adds a nice charm to your countertop. If you don’t have a lot of kitchen space this tray might be great for you!

To start my organization process I usually pull the spices that I know I’m going to use the most during the fall and winter months; spices likes cinnamon, paprika, nutmeg, creole seasoning, and any other warm spice. Those are the spices that I will transfer to the new jars for easy access and so I can keep an eye on what needs replenishing. This also helps to free up space in my spice cabinet as well. Another thing I do is check my baking soda and baking powder because baking season is here and if your soda and powder are open and have been sitting for a year, you should probably replace them. Old baking soda and baking powder could result in unsuccessful baking and we don’t want that.

Where to find everything:

So I know it’s not officially fall but I wish you a blessed season and happy kitchen organization and if you need a some cooking inspiration for next few weeks: Here is what I’m planning:

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