Classic Lump Crab Cake

Stepping out of my comfort zone has been a reoccurring message throughout my life for a while now. When I lock in on something that I enjoy and I do well in, I tend to take up space in the areas that feel good and allow me to shine where I excel in the most while neglecting opportunities to grow in other ways. While I’m not opposed to trying new things, I’m the type of person who needs to practice in private, fail a few times in private, create a fail proof system, and then trust myself before I step out of my comfort zone. I had lunch with one of my good friends a while back; she’s singer, former public defender, and college professor. We were having a conversation about failing forward and she said, “one of the hardest parts about being a performer is when you mess up on stage, everyone sees it and the only thing you can do is keep going.” I remember leaving lunch that day telling myself that I’m allow to mess up and it’s proof that I’m trying. I’m not sure who this message is for but fear and doubt will kill more dreams faster than anything anyone can say or do, so keep going.

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Speaking of stepping out of comfort zones, we are making crab cakes this week!! This is a little different from my usual Tuesday posts but according to my Instagram family, the people are ready to learn how to cook. I don’t blame them, the holidays are right around the corner and only the best cooks can be in the kitchen, at least that’s how it works in my home. 

Since this is my first savory recipe, I figured we could start with something simple enough for the new chefs and tasty enough for the seasoned chefs. Crab cakes are one of my favorite seafood options at most restaurants here in Maryland and let me tell you these Maryland folks take crab cakes very seriously. One thing I learned early on is that crab cakes should be 90% crab and 10% filler. Coming from NY that wasn’t something I paid much attention to but I get it now and I’m not trying to break any rules. Team 90% all day! 

These crab cakes are very easy to make, however I do want to point out a few things that could make or break your crab cakes. I chose to use lump crab NOT jumbo lump crab, which means my crab meat had a lot more shells in it which added an extra 10 minutes to my prep time. If you choose lump crab be prepared to dig for shells for a few minutes, no biggie but important. 

I added a wild card ingredient to my recipe because, well it’s my recipe and also because I love a good kick of spice. Yes I added a small amount of cajun seasoning and it works so well with the Old Bay seasoning. It’s optional yet so good.

As far as filler goes, I stuck to the 10% rule and only used 1/2 cup of bread crumbs and I enjoyed the balance. Many of my blogger friends have ditched bread crumbs all together and have opted for saltine cracker crumbs because of the “no filler” texture. The choice is up to you and I’d love to see what you decide to use.

Refrigeration is necessary for this recipe because you want the mixture to firm up so the cakes don’t fall a part when handling. I refrigerated mine for 45 minutes but you can prepare these the day before if you’d like. 

I baked my crab cakes for about 15 minutes and they were moist, very flavorful, and filling. If you want to pan sear your crab cakes, feel free. I recommend 4-6 minutes per side. 

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