I’m Jaylynn.

a food blogger, food photographer, & cocktail enthusiast

Welcome to my little corner of the internet! I’m so glad you are here and I hope that you will make this one of your favorite hangout spots. Creating things that bring me joy is something that I have been doing for years and now I’m honored that my recipes make their way onto your dinner table to help you create delicious moments and experiences. It’s a feeling that never really gets old- it’s quite rewarding!

I was born and raised in Rochester NY and I currently live in the DC metropolitan area. Many of my recipes and even my culinary approach is inspired by some of my favorite hometown restaurants and authentic flavors. I grew up on a lot Jamaican food, southern cooking, creole spices, and well developed flavors. While I did not attend culinary school, I cooked for my friends, roommates, my family, and myself. I learned a little bit from my grandmother and I’m still trying to master her potato salad. I learned and continue to learn from my mother. I think the beauty in being a food blogger is that you never stop learning, tasting, and discovering.

I will always try my best to keep the recipes approachable with an occasional wild card recipe to keep things interesting around here. In addition to food and cocktails, I also enjoy talking about things that matter to me such as Black Lives & Equality, entrepreneurship inspiration, and life goals. I’m always on Instagram at @Jaylynn_Little so please make sure you stop by and say hello!

Since launching my blog in May 2019, I have been featured in Food52The Feed FeedHuffington Post, and Blavity and more!

We’re all friends here, let’s be social.

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