About Me-

I am a content creator and visual storyteller. JaylynnLittle.com is where I share my love for food, cocktails, clean aesthetics, visuals, life gems, and intimate entertaining ideas. This space was created for cocktail enthusiasts, foodies, and other multi-hyphenate creatives who balance their layered and interconnected passions.

My style is inspired by film, music, and compelling visuals that inspire emotion and connection through food & beverage.

I was born and raised in Rochester, NY, and currently reside in the DC Metropolitan area.


Did I ever bartend?

For 2 weeks at a bar in my hometown. I’m way too slow to work behind the bar so it didn’t work out. It gave me a better appreciation for bartenders!

What camera do I use?

Canon 5D Mark IV for photos and video

My favorite cocktail

Negroni, any variation. When I don’t feel like making a cocktail, chilled Prosecco or Cava is always a winner.

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